2013-11-23 12:35:38 by ShawnCoss

if you like my work, you can wear it too!


Wanted to let you know that I'll be at some of these fantastic conventions at the Cyanide & Happiness booth drawing vulgarity at it's finest.

San Diego Comic Con July 12-15
Toronto Expo - August 23-26
Mid Ohio Con - Sept 27-29
New York Comic Con - Sometime in October

Also, if you head over to explosm.net you'll soon see a store section to purchase some of my work on 8.5 x 11 100 lb. cardstock with my shitty autograph. We will ship it anywhere you may be....unless it's in an unmarked white van

Convention season coming!

2012-02-28 18:13:18 by ShawnCoss

If ya like traveling and love conventions, try and make it out join myself and the other cyanide & happiness crew at C2E2 in chicago this year!

It happens in April and we'll be drawing dicks and other vulgar parts of the body all day!

BTW, you can find me on facebook too!

art fb page

If you like my stuff enough to want it in a book, well now you can.

I think they are pretty affordable too....unless you live in Iraq, then that shit might be expensive shipping.

My Book!